Our spacious berths

At Harbour Eiland van Maurik, the berths are all clearly marked with letters. Berths are clearly indicated by a number on the edge of the berth. In principle, all berths are equipped for two boats and vessels are assigned according to their length. You can always discuss any preferences with the Harbour Master or reception. They have an overview of the available places. Mooring to the berth is done using bollards and rings on the berths. There are sufficient electricity points on the berths for passers-by but it is advisable to bring an extension cord.

Nice to know:

- Draught at most berths is around 4 metres
- Fixed water taps are available on the berths
- Lighting on the berths
- Our harbour is secured with camera surveillance and a barrier
- Sufficient parking space
- Possibility to launch small boats via the trailer slipway at our M landing stage

New sustainable Berths

All berths at our harbour will have new walking decks and grids by 2022. As a result, our harbour is future-ready and fully equipped. 

Some photos of the berths are photos during the work.

Map of the harbour